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Bezaleel Garments

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Alabaster Box Worship Garment

Colour block worship garment designed to portray the woman who washed Jesus' feet
TTD $550

His Glory, His Royalty Worship Dress

Colour block worship garment, with metallic gold insets and hand painted, designed to portray adoration of His glory and His Royalty
TTD $575

His Grace, His Salvation Praise Dress

Red and blue flowing praise dress, with gold braid accents.
TTD $475

National Worship Dress

Colour block worship garment, shown in Trinidad's national colours, red, white and black, with double layer split skirt. Customise to match your country's flag or your group's colours
TTD $450

Glory to Glory Praise Dance Dress

Take your dance ministry and message from glory to glory with this beautiful, reversible, gold and white flowing dance overlay.

Choose your top layer, depending on your ministry piece - Light, stretch, white mesh, dotted with gold glitter, or white knit, with white and gold ribbon and gold applique work.

You can also wear this reversible design in two ways - with the sashes provided, or without.

One size fits most so that you can wear it comfortably, or mix and match and reuse it within your dance ministry team.

TTD $500